For too long, vegetarians have been a neglected minority, struggling to find a non-vegetarian restaurant that offers a reasonable selection. Good news! Chop Chop is the answer: because Jian, our founder, used to cook for her parents as she grew up in northern China and her father was a vegetarian, no less than one third of our menu consists of wonderfully delicious vegetarian dishes. You will find below 24 dishes, many of which you will never have tasted before and are only available in our award-winning restaurant or through our city-wide delivery service.

On the following page, we invite you to savour our unique “Unlimited Vegetarian Banquet”. This can be for two guests or more and invites you to order a banquet with unlimited refills, all freshly cooked, at a fixed price.

Vegetarian Banquets

If you would like to try a representative selection of our food, we suggest the following. Our Unlimited Banquets allow you to re-order any of the dishes free of charge provided everyone at the table is having the banquet.

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