Family Banquet Menu

£13.95 per adult, £6.95 for under 12s. Free for under 5s.

Eat as much as you wish from the dishes below. Refills are free.

  • Prawn crackers
  • Pork and Coriander dumplings
  • Chilli chicken dumplings 
  • Pork and celery dumplings
  • Chicken dumplings
  • Vegetable dumplings
  • Beef and chilli dumplings
  • Pork and cabbage dumplings
  • Chicken curry and coconut dumplings
  • Chicken and vegetable dumplings
  • Beef and water chestnut dumplings
  • Vegetable and glass noodle dumplings
  • Lamb and vegetable dumplings
  • Cucumber salad 
  • Seasoned Chicken Wings
  • Crispy Shredded Potato 
  • Egg Plant (aubergines)  
  • Vegetable spring rolls 
  • Boiled rice 
  • Tender Green Beans and Chilli 
  • Hot and spicy noodles 
  • Noodles with peanut and mustard sauce
  • Chicken chow mian 
  • Vegetable chow mian